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Events and celebrations

Every event and celebration at SRI SUDHA CBSE School is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and capabilities and learn new skills. We aim at boosting the confidence of students by recognizing their exceptional talents and achievements. Such initiatives lift the spirits of young talents and inspire them to become future leaders.

Back to school celebration:

A fresh start to embrace the joy of learning. An auspicious beginning to make schooling the most memorable in students lives.

Alphabet Jubilation:

Begin the joy of learning by garnishing the kindergarten schooling with buttery showers of Alphabet.

Identification contest:

Reinforcing the ability of identification in students by various fun – filled activities

Krishnastami celebration:

Cherishing the auspicious birth of Lord Krishna admit pomp and gaiety.

Graduation Day:-

Felicitating Kindergarten kids and promoting them to primary school. Awarding them in various aspects to boast up confidence in them.

Smart habits day:-

Healthy habits keep us nourished and cherished. The celebration signifies sumptuous, lavish, priceless tokens of tips and follow-ups to stay healthy and smart.

Talent hunt:

An exclusive  &  exceptional platform to nurture the innate talents in students.


Rakshabandhan indicates the divine bond of relationship between brothers and sisters. Educating the young minds the value of human relations for the prosperity of human race.

Mother’s day:

A tribute to mother hood. Honoring mothers for their selfless contributions and sacrifices.

Science Fair:-

To ignite the young minds with scientific Temper.

To enable children reach their full Academic, Social, Physical - Potential in a fair, positive and conducive environment at Srisudha Institutes.

Events & Activities